Golf Injuries

Keating Physical Therapy - Golf Fitness

Keating Physical Therapy - Golf Fitness

Dr. Karyn Keating has received the Titleist Performance Institute’s  Medical certification which is specialized for healthcare professionals to address the specific needs of golfers.

At Keating PT we not only treat your golfing injury but address the underlying cause of the pain. With our golf-specific rehabilitation programs, not only will we return you to the game stronger, but you will also have a reduced risk of re-injury. We like to work closely with your golf pro to make sure we address all aspects of your swing so we can work together to improve your strength and mobility.

Karyn is also TPI Certified through the Titleist Performance Institute.

TPI Certified

Featured Golf Professional

Leo Tabick- PGA Player Coach

High-level professional golf coach, outstanding in his field and very accomplished, Leo Tabick is the owner and operator of The Golf Performance Academy. He is an accomplished “Class A” PGA Professional with more than four decades of experience.  Leo has provided golf instruction and operations management at courses throughout New York and New Jersey.  He is currently based at the Hyatt Hills Golf Complex in Clark, NJ.